Stachyose food additives

What is stachyose

The Basic Information of Stachyose
Stachyose is a naturally occurring tetrasaccharide, which is expressed as fructose-glucose-galactose-galactose. The solubility of stachyose in water was 130 g (20℃); the melting point was 101 ℃, dehydrated at 115℃ in vacuum, and the melting point of anhydrous material was 167 ℃ to 170 ℃.

The Properties of Stachyose

01, Pure natural extraction, the whole process does not contain chemical composition
02, Fresh taste, sweetness is 22% of sucrose, can improve the taste of product.
03, Excellent stability for heat and acid and well fit in food ingredients.
04, Easy to use, pure white appearance, Excellent solubility

The Application of Stachyose

Baked Food:Added in cake, biscuits, moon cakes, rice and other food, can maintain moisture, change the rheological characteristics of dough
Pharmacy:Active factor, can absorb gastrointestinal toxic substances and pathogens, improve the body resistance to disease, enhance immunity, can be widely used in medicine
Special Food:Stachyose can not digested by digestive enzymes, and metabolites do not depend on insulin, suitable for people with special needs
Liquid Food:Added in lactic acid beverages, vinegar beverages, beer and other beverages, new functional foods. With a samll volume which will not affect the appearance or destroy the original flavor but can play its own function.

Availability of Stachyose

Young People
Detoxification And Beauty,to prevent the occurrence of intestinal diseases due to stress and other factors
Elder People
Promote mineral absorption, have improved regulation on blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids
Infants and Children
Prevent and alleviate infant constipation and diarrhea, enhance immunity
Pregnant People
Regulate intestinal micro ecological, promote the absorption of calcium and other minerals to prevent osteoporosis
People with antibiotic treatment
Restoration of intestinal flora disorders caused by antibiotic treatment

After a long-term research and practical experience we found that stachyose is particularly suitable for infants and elder people

The Benefits of Stachyose on infants and children
Improve the constipation and diarrhea; promote calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals and vitamin absorption; enhance immunity; prevent eczema; prevention of small bowel colitis (NEC)
Constipation and diarrhea are the most troublesome problems to mothers. Currently on the market conventional treatment means: taking montmorillonite powder, Mommy love and other drugs. However, “Every medicament has side-efect”, each infant’s intestinal micro-ecological development is not mature, and there is a big difference, these drugs can easily lead to more serious constipation or diarrhea.
However, Stachyose already approved as the “ordinary food”. It has dual-directional regulation effects of infantile constipation and diarrhea.

Promote intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation
Inhibit the formation of pathogens and toxins, improve diarrhea

The Benefits of Stachyose on elder people
After taking stachyose, cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels drop obviously , but high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels keep rising, so it has good curative effect of onlipid-lowering.
Stachyose have a certain inhibitory effect on blood sugar, and blood sugar fluctuation range is narrow, more stable control.
In addition, studies have shown that stachyose intake can also reduce the diastolic blood pressure, the mechanism of action is still not clear, may be related to the proliferation of Bifidobacterium
Promote calcium, Magnesium and other minerals and vitamins absorption
Lowering blood pressure, Lowering cholesterol, Lowering blood sugar;
Promote the row of lead; Improve constipation

Quick Details

Type:Herbal extract
Part:root, Rhizome
Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China
Brand Name:Angelbio
Model Numbe:Angel 011
Latin Name:Stachys sieboldi Miq.
Appearance:White powder
Active ingredients:Stachyose
CAS No.:54261-98-2


1.Stachyose can rapidly improve the environment within the human digestive tract, regulating micro-ecological balance.
2.Stachyose can inhibition of endogenous carcinogens generation and absorption.
4.Stachyose is very suitable for people with diabetes to take, Stachyose will not cause adverse endocrine patient burden.
5.Can improve the nutritional status of the skin and other organs, better for health and keep beauty.