Milk thistle for Aged dementia

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Milk thistle for Aged dementia

21/12/2021 blog 0

The Romans from AD seventy-seven start found a great role in protecting the liver milk thistle, after that, many of the middle ages when the doctor in the treatment of various liver disease caused by first considering the use of milk thistle, until now, many scientists still think milk thistle is one of the most effective liver protection potion.  

Of course, other liver-protecting agents may have some immediate effects, but it’s clear that silythistle is a more natural liver protective drug than other drugs that have obvious side effects.  The researchers did a simple experiment to investigate the protective effect of silibin on acute liver injury in mice.  

Silybin is one of three liver-protecting flavonoids that scientists extracted from silybin in 1968. The other two are called silymarin and silymartin.  The researchers observed mice with acute liver injury receiving different concentrations of silybin intravenously.  

Experiment used in the present liver injury in mice state agents mainly carbon tetrachloride and D – Gal, the former is mainly on mice liver cell oxidative damage, verify that the milk thistle said before is that we can protect liver from free radical damage, the latter mainly leads to liver cell necrosis, validation is another two conclusions.  

The experimental results showed that silibinin had a good protective effect on acute liver injury caused by carbon tetracloride and D-Gal, among which, silibinin alleviated the stimulatory effect of D-Gal on hepatocytes, so that the membrane of hepatocytes would not swell and die due to the stimulation.  

Silibinin also has a good protection for acute liver cell injury and cytotoxicity caused by carbon tetracloride.  The only pity is that silibinin is almost insoluble in water and fat, so the utilization rate is a little low. The most effective way to use silibinin is to inject it directly into the bloodstream intravenously.  

But overall, silybin’s protective effects on the human liver are self-evident, and silybin is well deserved for its reputation.  

Silythistle can protect the brain and alleviate Alzheimer’s disease  
As the population ages, Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more common among the large elderly population.  It’s a disease that happens to everyone when they get old, also known as Alzheimer’s disease.  To help alleviate this, scientists are looking into this, including silythistle, a plant that has protective effects on the brain.  

The study also used silibinin to evaluate age-related diseases and the drug’s improvement of learning and memory function in mice known as SAM mice, which have symptoms of slow motion, poor burnish, hair removal and aging learning and memory decline.  

The results showed that silybin had a significant improvement effect on learning and memory impairment in mice, which could be inhibited by regulating mitochondria.  Neuronal apoptosis in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease, which is largely mediated by reduced expression of inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress.  

One of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease is that mitochondria in the brain are dysfunctional, releasing large amounts of free radicals that cause oxidative stress damage to cells, and that gets worse with age.  

Silybin can obviously change this situation and protect the brain nerves by reducing the oxidation level in the cells of rapidly aging mice, so as to ultimately improve the learning and memory ability of mice and improve the antioxidant capacity of mice.  

In addition to the two points mentioned above, milk thistle there are many powerful functions, such as bacteriostasis, scientists have bean milk thistle for epidermis staphylococcus aureus antibacterial mechanism, found the bean milk thistle for epidermis staphylococcus stage of adhesion, aggregation and mature period has has certain inhibition,  And this inhibitory effect was enhanced with the increase of silybin concentration.  

For example, some scholars have studied the effect of silibinin on the reverse operation of cholesterol in macrophages, and the results show that silibinin can promote the secretion of cholesterol in macrophages and reduce the content of cholesterol esters and total cholesterol in macrophages, which provides support for the subsequent study of anti-atherosclerosis of silibinin.  

In general, since the milk thistle since the effect was found for the treatment of liver, from protect liver to protect kidney lung, to the central nervous system to the human body and skin tissues and organs of protection, on the various milk thistle efficacy and function were summarized human, in the near future, the function and effect will presumably much more.