Analysis of the current market situation and competition pattern of China’s functional food industry in 2021

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Analysis of the current market situation and competition pattern of China’s functional food industry in 2021

01/12/2021 blog 0

Sports nutrition supplements were originally intended for professional use.However, nowadays, more and more ordinary young people begin to enter the market and choose to buy sports nutrition supplements.For health reasons, for aesthetic reasons, young people with weight management requirements, or those who work out light at the gym, are willing to try whey protein sports nutrition supplements.

1. National health awareness has been enhanced

According to the data released in the National Health Observation Report 2020, the overall expectation of Chinese people on their health is above 8.7. With the development of economy and society, people begin to realize that living a long life is not as good as living a quality life.However, a good quality of life is based on having a healthy body, so people are increasingly paying attention to a healthy lifestyle.

In early 2020, an outbreak disrupted everyone’s New Year’s expectations.Most people who stay at home are starting to re-evaluate their bodies, especially when the pandemic is related to the strength of “autoimmunity,” and most people are starting to participate in the exercise group.According to data released by Ipsos’ Healthy Fast Food 2020 Report, one of the habits consumers consider healthy is exercise/fitness, in addition to a regular sleep schedule.

2. National participation in sports and fitness has increased, and the sports nutrition market is expected to exceed 7 billion yuan

Sports and fitness has become a new standard for a healthy life. Leisure running and body building have become the way of exercise for many young people.According to the 2020 Internet Fitness Report released by Momo, 61 percent of Internet users exercise more than three times a week, while only 12 percent rarely exercise.

In the past, sports nutrition products were aimed at young, healthy men who wanted to be “bigger, faster, stronger.”The surge in the number of gyms and fitness classes proves that exercise and fitness are becoming more and more mainstream and even forming a popular culture.Sports nutrition is now also meant as a source of refreshment and energy for a wider, everyday active population, and is therefore being accepted by a wider range of new consumer groups.

The sports nutrition market in China is expected to grow rapidly as the number of people working out and the number of gyms in China increases dramatically.The growth of consumers’ demand for fitness and health has given rise to the growth rate of related industries. Especially, the most closely related sports nutrition is the most important category, and the public’s awareness of fitness and sports supplements has gradually increased.

Euromonitor data shows that in 2019, China’s sports nutrition market scale reached 2.685 billion yuan;According to Euromonitor International, China’s sports nutrition market is expected to grow to 7.3 billion yuan by 2024, with sales growth expected to outpace those in Europe and the United States.