Marvellous milk thistle

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Marvellous milk thistle

12/11/2021 blog 0

Research has demonstrated milk thistle’s powerful antioxidant activity – it reduces free radical damage and switches on the in-built protective antioxidant mechanisms of human cells, such as the glutathione-peroxidase system.

Silymarin is thought to protect the liver cell membrane from damage by stopping the absorption of toxins through blocking binding sites and transport proteins. In an early study, it even protected against changes in liver structure during pregnancy and in women taking the contraceptive pill.

In terms of regeneration, the liver is pretty good at that anyway – even if 50% of the liver’s mass is damaged, it can regenerate completely within around 150 days. But milk thistle may help it do this, by actually enhancing the synthesis of DNA itself – which explains why in traditional herbal medicine it’s called a ‘liver trophorestorative’.

It also increases the activity of cells in the liver responsible for immune protection – Kupffer cells. Silybin, a constituent of silymarin, may increase the proliferation of Kupffer cells as well as stop them producing too many inflammatory chemicals.