What is the use value of milk thistle?

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What is the use value of milk thistle?

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Silybum marianum (scientific name: Silybum marianum), for Compositae Silybum marianum under a plant species. Native to Western Europe and North Africa. It is cultivated in China in the provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu, Heilongjiang and Hebei. This kind of achene medicine, bitter taste, heat clearing, detoxification, hepatoprotective gallbladder effect.

Nicknames: Milk Thistle, Water Flying Pheasant

Efficacy: Qingrejiedu, liver and gallbladder. It is often used for dampness and heat of liver and gallbladder, hypochondriac pain and jaundice

Main symptoms: dampness and heat of liver and gallbladder, hypochondriac pain, jaundice

Milk Thistle Ingredients: Silythistle plant: 30-200cm, fruit and fruit stage: May-October, morphology: 1-year old or 2-year old herbaceous

The utilization value of milk thistle extract:

It is known as the most effective flavonoids for liver disease in the world

Protect liver, improve liver function, prevent external factors from liver damage, promote liver cell regeneration and repair, promote bile secretion and anti-inflammation.

Protect liver cells from toxic substances, especially alcohol and environmental pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) that invade the liver.

It has strong antioxidant function, anti-radiation, anti-aging, anti-aging effect and so on.

It Pierce protein synthesis, speeds up the production of new liver cells or allows damaged liver cells to repair themselves.

Reducing blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-radiation, anti-tuberculosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes complications, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improve immune function and other functions.

The application of milk thistle extract in the market:

Medicines, health products, veterinary drugs, dietary supplements. Food, beverage, feed, cosmetics and other fields.