Efficacy and application of coenzyme Q10

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Efficacy and application of coenzyme Q10

19/07/2021 blog 0


Coenzyme Q10 plays a role in the human body mainly to help cells produce energy and act as a natural antioxidant, so it is widely used in cosmetics and health products.

Adjust blood pressure

The small amount of evidence currently available suggests that coenzyme Q10 may be able to reduce blood pressure by a small amount, but rigorous clinical trials are lacking.


There is no direct evidence that coenzyme Q10 is valuable in the treatment of cancer. But it can reduce the risk of heart damage caused by a cancer chemotherapy drug.


The effect on migraine is also lacking in larger, more rigorous clinical conclusions.

Prevent heart disease

Only a handful of studies have examined whether coenzyme Q10 helps prevent heart disease, and the results are inconclusive. Research on the role of coenzyme Q10 in heart failure has also been inconclusive. However, there is some evidence that coenzyme Q10 may reduce the risk of complications from heart surgery.

To improve the symptoms of early Parkinson’s disease patients

Even taking coenzyme Q10 at higher than normal doses does not improve symptoms in patients in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, according to a major study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The recent announcement of the relevant regulations must be very familiar to you, but here is to give you a common focus:

When the five raw materials such as coenzyme Q10 are put on record, the health function shall be marked according to the corresponding health function in the catalogue of raw materials. Among them, coenzyme Q10 includes immunity enhancement and antioxidant health functions, allowing the registrant to select one of the health functions for labeling, or both health functions at the same time.

The raw materials, dosage and corresponding efficacy listed in the list of raw materials of health food are only applicable to the production of health food and cannot be used in other food production. That is to say, the raw materials in the catalogue of health food raw materials, dosage, efficacy must be a one-to-one corresponding relationship.

When the coenzyme Q10 is recorded, the dosage forms that can be recorded only include tablets, granules, hard capsules and soft capsules.

The single-party product filing of five raw materials such as coenzyme Q10 is only for domestic health food, excluding health food imported for the first time. Health food products imported for the first time need to be registered.

Coenzyme Q10 products should not be used in combination with any other raw materials when put on record.