What are the advantages of stachyose to be chosen by people?

Stachyose food additives

What are the advantages of stachyose to be chosen by people?

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What are the advantages of stachyose to be chosen by people? Whenever a friend wants to choose stachyose, they will ask what are the advantages of stachyose. The biggest advantage of stachyose is that it does not replenish the beneficial bacteria in the intestines like traditional products. Stachyose promotes the production of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, so stachyose is the best way of gastrointestinal health care.

What are the advantages of stachyose to be chosen by people?

① Stachyose is closely related to the body’s nutrient synthesis and absorption (promotes the synthesis of B vitamins, improves the absorption and utilization of protein, and promotes the absorption of minerals).

② By multiplying bifidobacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, enhance the colonization resistance and immunity of human intestines, and also make ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, amines, phenols, indigo matrix, bacterial toxins, carcinogens (nitroso compounds, The amount of harmful substances such as epoxides and secondary bile acids is reduced.

③ Stachyose can promote the peristalsis of the human intestines and enhance the ability of the intestine to move forward, so that harmful substances can be discharged from the human body in time.

④ Stachyose has the characteristics of not being digested and absorbed by the human body, low in sweetness, and low in calories. It is not used by streptococcus in the oral cavity or decomposed by oral enzymes, so it also has the function of preventing dental caries.

The advantages of stachyose products have been clarified, and I also know why stachyose is so good, so what effects can stachyose have?

The role of stachyose

Gastrointestinal disorders: Proliferate the beneficial flora such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the human gastrointestinal tract, promote the formation of dominant bacteria in the digestive tract, inhibit the production of spoilage bacteria, produce a large amount of physiologically active substances, and quickly improve the internal environment of the human digestive tract. Regulate the gastrointestinal microecological balance.

Beauty detoxification: Promote the growth of intestinal bifidobacteria and other probiotics, shorten the residence time of poisons, reduce toxin absorption, inhibit the production of harmful spoilage bacteria toxins, establish a biological protective barrier, prevent harmful substances such as toxins from entering the blood circulation, and excrete through defecation Toxins in the body.

Lead excretion in children: Reduce the residence time of food residues in the intestines, which can excrete lead from the body; it has a certain ability to chelate lead; it can promote calcium absorption and excretion of lead, and promote the growth and development of children.

Intestinal laxative: Promote the proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus; promote the balance of gastrointestinal flora; degrade harmful toxins, inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, reduce the production and absorption of spoilage substances; promote intestinal peristalsis, soften stool, and improve constipation .

Enhance immunity: Build the human intestinal biological barrier, synthesize a variety of vitamins, reduce the level of endotoxins in the human blood, stimulate the body’s immune response, help resist pathogens’ invasion of the human body, regulate immunity, and improve immunity.

Lowering blood pressure and lowering blood lipids: prevent the decomposition of elastin in blood vessel walls, keep blood vessels good elasticity, prevent blood vessel rupture caused by high blood pressure; prevent excessive absorption of fatty substances in the intestine, reduce low-density lipoprotein synthesis, and inhibit The synthesis of cholesterol, thereby reducing serum cholesterol.

Regulate blood sugar: VB6 and magnesium maintain the normal metabolism of tryptophan and reduce the production of xanthurenic acid. Under the action of 80 stachyose, bifidobacteria can produce various water-soluble vitamins and VB6 in large quantities, acetic acid and lactic acid in the metabolites, acidify the intestines, increase the solubility of magnesium ions, and greatly relieve the symptoms of diabetes and its complications . 80 Stachyose is low in calories and high in purity, and will not cause blood sugar levels to rise.