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Compared with the existing on-sell stachyose, manufacturing process of Angelbio is even more advanced,and to ensure that the cost of the relevant product advantages,the production efficiency and scale have been highly improved.


Compared with the existing on-sell stachyose, quality of Angelbio is much better, since we can produce the finished product with purity more than 90%, the product appearance, taste, efficacy have obvious advantages.

30 days unconditional refund

30 days unconditional refund if unqualified. Professional logistics (DHL, Fedex, EMS, By Air, By Sea), fast & safe shipment.

own plantation base

Our own plantation base to guarantee the steady supply and stable price. Professional consultation for formula products.


What is  stachyose 


Stachyose is a tetrasaccharide consisting of two α-D-galactose units, one α-D-glucose unit, and one β-D-fructose unit sequentially linked as gal(α1→6)gal(α1→6)glc(α1↔2β)fru. Together with related oligosaccharides such as raffinose, Stachyose occurs naturally in numerous vegetables (e.g. green beans, soybeans and other beans) and other plants.

A tetrasaccharide is a carbohydrate which gives upon hydrolysis four molecules of the same or different monosaccharides. For example, stachyose upon hydrolysis gives one molecule each of glucose and fructose and two molecules of galactose. The general formula of a tetrasaccharide is typically C24H42O21. Stachyose is less sweet than sucrose, at about 28% on a weight basis. It is mainly used as a bulk sweetener or for its functional oligosaccharide properties.

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Angelbio is an innovative enterprise jointly invested by Angel Holding Group and the Institute of Life and Health Research of Xi’an Jiaotong University, which dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of natural plant extracts.The company takes its own research and development laboratory as a platform, focuses on technological innovation and supply chain integration,

adhering to the purpose of natural origin and global health, and is committed to providing high-end, high-quality and stable… LEARN MORE


Angelbio is an innovative enterprise jointly invested by Angel Holding Group and the Institute of Life and Health Research of Xi’an Jiaotong University who are dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of natural ingreidents for healthy food, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, personal cares, pharmacy as well as flavor & fragrance industries. With over 15 years’ independent R&D and testing strength, Angelbio is focusing on technology innovation and supply chain integration to serve the purpose of natural origin and global health by providing high-end, high-quality stable products and services for the human health fieldAngelbio is an innovative enterprise jointly invested by Angel Holding Group and the Institute of Life and …

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Your company has a very good reputation, not only because your products are of high quality, but also your due to your well-constructed management system.

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We have investigated your products before and found that the quality of your product is very good, the customer’s awareness is high as well.

Eric Black

Thanks for quickly delivery plus timely communication.

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